Non-Executive Director Recruitment

About us

We’re Abri, a housing association based in the south of England. One of the largest in fact. We've got 35,000 homes and 80,000 residents living in them

We have about 40,000 homes and assets. This makes us one of the South of England’s largest housing providers. We have an annual turnover of circa £220 million. 37 local authorities operate in our area alongside 56 parliamentary constituencies. We are committed to maintaining a strong local presence and a deep understanding of our customers and communities. That way, we can continue to be a great neighbour.

By using our colleagues’ expertise, we are delivering even more for our customers. As one organisation, we are building on our collective achievements and shaping the future for the better. We are proud of our heritage and want to use the combined strengths of our legacy organisations to make positive changes. Changes that help everyone to thrive. We remain as passionate as ever about tackling the housing crisis and building thriving and sustainable communities with equal opportunity for all.

Our beliefs

We work in partnership with others to create great homes and thriving communities, supported by outstanding customer services. Everything we do is powered by three core beliefs:

  • Everyone has the right to a safe, warm and sustainable home
  • Homes and communities are places to belong, grow and thrive
  • Equal opportunity must exist for communities so everyone can have improved life chances