Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Strategy and Vision

We’re an ambitious bunch

And we certainly can’t be faulted for not dreaming big...

  • tackling homelessness
  • fixing inequality
  • improving health and wellbeing in our communities and in the workplace
  • giving people opportunities to better their lives
  • making a positive impact on the environment

… are just some of our goals for the next five years.

But these are big issues. And we know we can’t solve them alone. You know the saying – there’s no I in team. We work with the big guys (and the little ones) to get stuff done and make the change we want to see in the world. Local authorities, the government, NHS, Community groups and more.

In the next five years we want to do even more which means palling up with even more organisations and getting stuck in with even bigger projects.

Big goals need a good plan. We’ve split our plan for the next five years down into seven key points:

  • Build more homes
  • Invest more in our existing homes
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Invest more to create thriving communities
  • Create a great place to work
  • Manage our business to the highest standards
  • Climate change: the challenge of a generation

Find out more about these seven key points here.

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