Non-Executive Director Recruitment

What we're looking for

We are really excited about the journey we are undertaking, one that requires ambition and imagination in how we develop our business and make the most of our partnership.  As part of this journey, we are looking to strengthen our Board by bringing on new skills and we are now looking for outstanding first-time or experienced Non-Executive Directors to join us as part of our succession planning.   We are looking for a broad range of expertise that can help shape our future and make a significant contribution to the communities we support.  We want individuals who can bring considerable strategic leadership experience, fresh perspectives to the Board and who will provide stewardship of the business beyond their technical areas of expertise.  We are interested in attracting applications from a range of diverse backgrounds.

We’re particularly keen to hear from people with a passion for, and expertise in:

  • Decarbonisation and minimising negative impacts on the environment
  • Those with experience of technology, policy and innovation and an appreciation of the impacts of fuel benefits and the long term strategic benefits of investing in environmental improvements
  • Strategic capability, in finance and digital

  • Consumer experience

We're looking for individuals with a variety of skills and experience, not just the ones listed here. If you think you have what it takes to help us achieve our considerable potential, then we'd love to hear from you.